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What are they?

Improving Wellbeing Sessions are an opportunity for you to learn some helpful techniques to improve how you feel. These sessions are delivered by two NHS Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners who will help you learn techniques to overcome low mood, anxiety and worry. You will receive a free workbook to use throughout the sessions. The sessions often provide opportunities to meet others who may share similar feelings to you. You will not be asked to share your personal experiences with others. IAPT is a service for adults and so if you are under 18 we recommend speaking to your GP about alternative options of help in your GP Practice.

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What you can expect from the sessions?

There are a total of 4 sessions which are two hours long and run on a weekly basis. If you are unable to attend the first session of your Improving Wellbeing Session, we recommend finding an alternative course as you will receive the most benefit from attending all 4 sessions.

We recommend booking only one wellbeing course at a time as some of the techniques may overlap. Our sessions work well with a minimum of 6 people booked on to them at the start of the sessions. In the rare circumstances a course would need to be cancelled, we would notify you immediately and support you in booking on the next available course.

Here is what you can expect in each session:

Overcoming Anxiety and Worry

Understanding the effects of anxiety on your body and ways to overcome this. We will look at how relaxation can help with managing anxiety.

We will help you learn some techniques that you can use to deal with worrying thoughts.

Anxiety can lead to avoiding things, learn ways to overcome this. This session will also look at how to control panic attacks and give you the chance to learn some breathing techniques that can help.

We will explain how making changes to sleep, diet and activity can improve how you feel. This session will also look at how to continue improving how you feel after the sessions have finished.

Overcoming Low Mood

When low mood stops you doing the things that you would normally do, this session helps you learn ways to overcome this.

Discussing techniques that can help you start doing more of the things that will help you feel better and setting realistic goals.

Understanding how low mood affects thinking and learning helpful techniques to change this. You will also learn more about how to solve problems more effectively when you feel low.

We will explain how making changes to sleep, diet and activity can improve how you feel. This session will also look at how to continue improving how you feel after the sessions have finished.

When and where?

OnlineGroup-iconThe sessions are held on a variety of different days and times for you to choose from. They are held at a number of local venues across Sheffield and online too! Please see the map for your nearest location or use the book now button to check your most convenient date and time.

If you have concerns about your mood and require more urgent help we recommend discussing this with your GP first before considering booking on to Improving Wellbeing Sessions.

Bannercross Methodist Church

Concord Sports Centre (Move More centre)

Crystal Peaks Library

East Bank Medical Centre

Fairlawns Medical Centre

Grenoside Grange

The Learning Zone

Manor Library

Shirecliffe Community Centre

Graves Tennis & Lesuire Centre

St Timothy's Community Hall

Zest Community Centre

Dovedale 2, Michael Carlisle Centre

HandnHeart_iconHow will this help me?


By improving your understanding of low mood, anxiety and worry.


Helping you learn proven techniques so you can make changes to feel better.


Giving you the chance to practice your learning between each session.

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