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After treatment for Cancer, the impacts of having had a cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment can have a lasting impact upon your wellbeing, your mood and your thoughts.

Everyone’s experience of Cancer is different; however, sometimes you may notice feeling anxious, worried, guilty or embarrassed. If you notice that you experience thoughts or feelings which you find upsetting or distressing you can access support from our Health and Wellbeing Service. We can provide support to overcome stress, anxiety and low mood following the end of your Cancer treatment.

Living Well After Cancer

Living well with and beyond cancer is a course which provides you with proven ways to cope with the difficulties following a diagnosis of and treatment for cancer, and how this might affect your mood. It can help you reduce stress, anxiety and depression symptoms which might be impacting on getting on with living.

It’s an opportunity to meet other people who have experienced cancer and learn from each other’s experiences, and make some positive changes.

There are a total of 5 sessions which are two and half hours long (with plenty of breaks) and run on a weekly basis.

Self-Help Resources

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan are a national cancer support network. They provide information relating to different Cancers and effects following treatment as well as a free support line.

Cancer Support UK

Cancer Support UK are a national cancer support service. Information is provided relating to different Cancers and effects following treatment and provide telephone support groups among other services.

Sheffield Cancer Support Centre

Sheffield-based Cancer support service who aim to support people by offering a range of services to support wellbeing. Mon-Fri drop-in service available

Sheffield Cavendish Cancer Care

Sheffield-based Cancer support service who offer a range of services to support those with a cancer diagnosis.

What does each session involve?

  • NHS professionals teach you evidence-based methods of dealing with low mood, anxiety and depression in relation to living with having experienced cancer.
  • You receive a FREE workbook at the first session
  • Learn from other group member’s experiences
  • You will receive a telephone review at the end of the course with one of the facilitators
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HandnHeart_iconHow will this help me?


The course can help you to deal with some of the demands and pressures of living well and beyond cancer and increase confidence in coping with these challenging times.

What does each session involve?

For best results, try to come to every session so you don’t miss any important information.

Understanding about the ongoing impact of having had a diagnosis of and treatment for cancer, the journey of recovery and learn ways to relax.

Exploring different aspects that contribute to ongoing anxiety and how to start make changes.

Understanding about the role of worry, finding ways of living with uncertainty and improving low mood. 

Learning new ways for dealing with unhelpful thoughts related to your feelings about cancer and what happens after treatment.  Focusing on communication and relationships.

Planning for the future and coping with setbacks to staying in control of your mood. 

When & Where?

There are a total of 5 sessions which are two and half hours long and run on a weekly basis. We have courses beginning on the following dates at the Cathedral in Sheffield City Centre:

  • Tuesday 9th January – 9:30am-12pm
  • Tuesday 13th February – 9:30am-12pm
  • Tuesday 20th March – 9:30am-12pm
  • Tuesday 24th April – 9:30am-12pm
  • Tuesday 29th May – 9:30am-12pm
  • Tuesday 3rd July – 9:30am-12pm
  • Tuesday 7th August – 9:30am-12pm

Cathedral, Sheffield Town Centre

Who is this suitable for?

Anyone who has finished their cancer treatment, however long ago, who would like to learn proven techniques to overcome common symptoms of low mood, anxiety, and stress as well as boost self-esteem.

There is also a range of advice and support available, through your GP, your consultant or you can call us to discuss other options available within the IAPT Health and Wellbeing team.

To book your free place call us on:

0114 271 6568

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