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Living Well with a Skin Condition

Living with a skin condition can affect your mood, you might notice that the physical symptoms can feel burdensome, or stress might contribute to a worsening of your symptoms. Skin conditions can also have an impact on your social life, work and relationships. Sometimes you might notice that you feel anxious, low, stressed or embarrassed, or you might have worries about the appearance of your skin condition. Because of how you are feeling you might have stopped doing things you previously enjoyed.

If you have noticed that you are experiencing any of these problems, you can access support from our Health and Wellbeing Service. We can provide practical ways of overcoming stress, anxiety and low mood, and helping to increase your confidence in coping with some of the challenges of having a skin condition.

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Self-Help Resources

Skin Support

The website contains resources on different skin conditions, including links to information on what the skin condition is, and support leaflets aimed at helping people to address common problems sometimes associated with skin conditions such as how to regain confidence and low mood.

British Association of Dermatologists

To find out more about specific skin conditions the British Association of Dermatologists website has patient information leaflets on specific conditions and medication.

Information on specific skin conditions from national charities

There are a number of charities working to support people living with skin conditions, a full list of charities can be found using this website.

Changing Faces

Changing Faces is a national charity supporting people living with conditions which affect appearance, including skin conditions. There are a range of support materials available on the website along with details on how to contact the charity and make a referral.

Living Well with a Skin Condition Course

Living well with a skin condition wellbeing sessions are available to all people who are living with a skin condition who would like to learn practical ways to overcome symptoms of stress, anxiety and low mood. The wellbeing sessions can also help to increase confidence in coping with some of the challenges of having a skin condition, and improving general health and wellbeing.

When & Where?

This course runs for 5 weeks with weekly sessions for 2.5 hours (with plenty of breaks). We currently have courses beginning on the following dates at St George’s Community Health Centre, Winter Street, Sheffield, S3 7ND:

  • Monday 28th January 2019 – 9:30-11:30am
  • Monday 4th March 2019 – 9:30-11:30am
  • Monday 2nd September 2019 – 9:30-11:30am

What can I expect from these sessions?

Wellbeing sessions are delivered by two NHS professionals. You will have the opportunity to meet others living with skin conditions who may share similar feelings and experiences to you.

St George's Community Health Centre

HandnHeart_iconHow will this help me?


Find ways of managing the physical symptoms of your skin condition and the impact these symptoms might be having on your mood


Learn how to manage low mood stress and anxiety


Deal with worries about your skin condition

What does each session involve?

For best results, try to come to every session so you don’t miss any important information.

An introduction to the links between skin conditions, stress, mood, and quality of life, and beginning to think about ways of improving your wellbeing.

Learning new ways (such as mindfulness) to manage some of the physical symptoms commonly associated with skin conditions, such as itching and discomfort.

Learning some practical techniques for managing skin related stress and low mood.

Gaining support in practicing ways of dealing with unhelpful thoughts related to your feelings about your skin condition, or worries about how other people might see you.

Developing a personal plan to help you to continue to cope with the skin condition in the future.

How do I access?

These Wellbeing sessions are open to all patients with skin conditions that may be visible, uncomfortable and itchy or painful who would like to learn proven techniques to overcome common symptoms of stress, anxiety and low mood as well as boosting self-esteem.

Additional support is available: don’t forget about others who can offer advice and support including your GP, IAPT workers or your consultant.

To book your free place call us on:

0114 271 6568

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