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What is it?

The Living Well with Pain Course is a course with 5 sessions over 5 weeks for people who experience chronic pain (pain which is experienced for 6 months or more) and who want to find ways to help themselves manage and cope with living with pain.

Who is this suitable for?

Chronic pain affects people’s lives in many ways, not only do they experience constant pain but it usually limits what they can do and it can affect sleep, concentration, relationships and mood. The course is not a treatment or cure for pain but it is suitable for people who want to understand more about pain and the impact it can have and to find out about some strategies that can help them manage pain and lessen the impact it has upon their lives. The course is run by IAPT staff and is mainly a taught course with opportunities for group discussion, although it is for you to decide how much or how little you want to take part in discussions.

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HandnHeart_iconHow will this help me?


Provide you with lots of information about understanding of the impact of chronic pain.


Learn ways to manage pain and reduce some of the effects it can have on different aspects of your life such as activities, sleep,  relationships and mood.


Meet and share learning with other people living with persistent pain.

Topics covered on the course include:

  • Understanding chronic pain and its impact
  • How to manage activities
  • Useful coping strategies for pain
  • Dealing with unhelpful thoughts and the emotional impact of living with pain
  • Helpful ways of communication about pain to other people
  • How to manage pain at its worst

When and where?

All of our courses run for 5 weeks with weekly sessions for 2.5 hours (with plenty of breaks). To get the most out of the course you are encouraged to attend all 5 sessions. We currently have courses beginning on each of the following dates;

St Georges Community Health Centre, Winter Street – 5pm-7.30pm

  • Tuesday 29th May 2018
  • Tuesday 16th October 2018

Fairlawns Medical Centre, Middlewood Road – 1.30-4pm

  • Wednesday 13th June 2018
  • Wednesday 22nd August 2018
  • Wednesday 31st October 2018

East Bank Medical Centre, East Bank Road – 1:30-4pm

  • Wednesday 9th May 2018
  • Wednesday 18th July 2018
  • Wednesday 26th September 2018

Sheffield Cathedral, Town Centre – 10am-12:30pm

  • Thursday 31st May 2018
  • Thursday 5th July 2018
  • Thursday 13th September 2018
  • Thursday 18th October 2018
  • Thursday 22nd November 2018

Fairlawns Medical Centre

Sheffield Cathedral, Town Centre

St George's Community Health Centre

East Bank Medical Centre

How do I access?

If you would like to attend a ‘Living Well with Pain’ course please choose one of the dates above and call 0114 271 6568 to book your free place.

There is also a range of advice and support available, through your GP, your consultant or you can call us to discuss other options available within the IAPT Health and Wellbeing team.

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