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What is it?

One of the most stressful things people can experience is physical ill health and this can naturally lead to frustrations and worries. Stress control is a course which provides you with proven ways to reduce stress, anxiety and depression as well as boost your self-esteem. You will learn how to help yourself and practice techniques between sessions. It will help you to build your confidence through learning about stress and coping strategies. This is a lecture style course delivered by our experienced team through presentations and is not group therapy. You will not be asked to share your experiences or to speak in front of others, just sit back and listen.

Who is this suitable for?

Anyone who has a physical health condition and wants to learn techniques to manage the stress this can cause. You just need to be able to sit back and listen.

What can I expect from these sessions?

  • 6 week taught course
  • Each session is 1 and ½ hours
  • Based on proven techniques (delivered for over 30 years)
  • Physical health focus; materials adapted to acknowledge how important this is
  • Accessible venue

HandnHeart_iconHow will this help me?


Teaches proven techniques to manage stress


You can bring a friend or family member with you, to learn together


Build your confidence and self esteem through learning ways to manage your stress

What does each session involve?

What is stress and recognising how it affects me.

Stress and the body.

Stress and thoughts.

Stress and actions.

Panic and sleep.

Wellbeing and looking to the future.

Quaker Meeting House

When and where?

All courses are delivered regularly throughout the year as follows:

Day: Mondays

Time: 1.30-3.00pm

Venue: Quaker Meeting House, St James St, Sheffield Town Centre


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