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Sheffield IAPT improving access to psychological therapies working together to improve your wellbeing mental health NHS sheffield IAPT health and social care
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Sheffield IAPT improving access to psychological therapies working together to improve your wellbeing mental health NHS sheffield IAPT health and social care

Physical Activity Resources in Sheffield
Physical activity could help you to manage your mood and feel better.

Taking part in physical activity on a regular basis can have a positive effect on our mental health.

Studies show that regular physical activity can help people to recover from depression, lifting their mood, reducing anxiety, improving self-esteem and concentration.

We have developed our own self-help guide ‘Getting Active and Feeling Better’ to help you to become more physically active to manage your mood.

There are a wide range of organisations such as gyms and leisure centres which are open to the general public and can help you become more active. We have listed some of these here together with their contact details.


Gym, swimming and healthy living activities serving Netherthorpe, Upperthorpe and Langsett.

Ranger Service

The Ranger Service provides a service and resource for people using the parks, woodlands and countryside areas of the city. It organises a wide range of activities including guided walks and cycle rides. It also has an active and extensive volunteer programme.

Cycle training in South Yorkshire

Road Confidence courses are free to those who live or work in Sheffield. Book now to join a course in your area using the link above. More information can also be found HERE.

Sheffield International Venues

Sheffield International Venues run 17 sports and exercise venues in Sheffield including Ponds Forge, Hillsborough, Springs & Stockbridge Leisure Centres, Concorde & Westfield Sports Centres, four golf course, and Don Valley Stadium.

Run England

The Run England website includes a directory of organised runs throughout England, and other useful information on running.
Community Organisations

There are a wide range of different physical activity classes and sessions organised in community venues across the city. These are often free or at reduced rates for people with health problems and provide more support than mainstream organisations. We have listed the main organisations below with thier contact details.

Sheffield Mind and Body Project

Sheffield Mind and Body Project is a health and wellbeing project delivered in 5 areas of Sheffield – Low Edges, Arbourthorne , Winn Gardens, the Flower Estate and Shiregreen (Check). Activities include healthy lifestyle courses, Zumba and Zumba gold, Tai chi, Circuit training for men.

Tel: 0114 2584489

Health Champions

Health Champions are recruited to work within their community to promote healthy eating, physical activity and mental well-being through a range of activities.


Southey Owlerton Area Regeneration (SOAR) is a community regeneration charity that provides a range of services designed to improve a person’s health, well-being and employability. It is based in the north of Sheffield.

Tel: 0114 2134065

Sharrow Community Forum

Sharrow community forum & Shipshape – information about health trainers, health champions and local activities.

Tel: 0114 2508384

The Community Wellbeing Programme

There are 16 Community Wellbeing Programmes across the city covering the neighbourhoods with the worst health. The programme focuses on interventions to increase access to services and to tackle the issues which underpin many health problems. It builds on the skills which already exist in these communities. There are also many activities to support people to improve their health which include healthy walks.

Foxhill Forum

Foxhill Forum is based in Foxhill. It offers a wide variety of activities and services including Health and Fitness, Volunteering Opportunities and Employability Services. Activities include yoga, zumba, tai chi and ‘breath away your blues’ classes.

Tel: 0114 2315522

Manor and Castle

Manor and Castle Development Trust works with local people to regenerate the neighbourhoods in the Manor and Castle ward. It runs regular, free activities in the local area including health walks, boxercise, zumba fitness, chair-based aerobics, weight management and men’s fitness.

Tel: 0114 2789999

Referral Schemes

There are also specific programmes which you can be referred to by your GP or other health care practitioner and provide more intensive support for people.

The Sheffield Physical Activity Referral Scheme

The Sheffield Physical Activity Referral Scheme can provide you with support to help you manage your mood and feel better by becoming more physically active. The scheme can help you develop a personal activity plan aimed at improving your quality of life. There is a wide range of activity options across Sheffield and you can receive discounted access to activities such as swimming, fitness classes and the gym, as well as 1-1 support to make the most of your time in the venue.

Please find a link to the referral form above which has details of all the venues where physical activity referral is taking place in Sheffield. You can be referred by any health professional at your GP surgery, such as a member of the IAPT team, a nurse or a health trainer, you don’t have to see a doctor. You may find it helpful to call the venues to find out more about what they offer, and decide which venue you want to attend, before seeing a health professional for a referral.

Sheffield Health Trainers

Sheffield Health Trainers can offer one-to-one support around changing and leading a healthier lifestyle, including exercise. There are currently 14 generic health trainers who support people to increase exercise. They cover: Burngreave & Firvale; Sharrow and Broomhall; Darnall & Tinsley; Manor, Castle, Norfolk Park, Woodthorpe, Wybourne & Arbourthorne; Firth Park, Brushes and Stubbin; Upperthorpe, Netherthorpe and Langsett; Lowedges, Jordonthorpe & Batemoor; Gleadless; Southey & North Sheffield.

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